AIM: Application Infrastructure Manager


AIM is a cloud orchestration tool for AWS.

AIM works by using configuration files that semantically describe your infrastructure, networks, environments and AWS resources. It can generate CloudFormation stacks and provisions and manages those stacks in your AWS accounts.

Project Status

AIM is capable of reliably deploying robust AWS environments. However, there is a lot more we want to add to AIM!

As AIM is a young project, it’s API and design may be subject to frequent changes. It is used for real-world projects by the authors though, so backward breaking changes will attempt to be minimized with reasonable migration paths.

Source Code, Issues and Support

Source code for AIM is on GitHub.

Send feature requests and bugs to AIM GitHub Issues.

AIM is developed by Waterbear Cloud to support the Waterbear Cloud platform. Contact us for support or consulting.

AIM Engine CLI